Lavatory Vacuum Systems Trucks
ACCESSAIR’s unique vacuum system consists of an eductor and a recirculating pump and is engineered to be “fool proof” in order to avoid possibility of any waste entering the pump, and designed with great simplicity in order to minimize maintenance.
A re-circulating centrifugal water pump, driven by hydraulic motor, powers an eductor that will siphon the air in large volume from the waste tank to provide an efficient and reliable vacuum system.

This system eliminates the use of a vacuum pump, thereby avoiding frequent and costly maintenance to system and minimizing spare parts, or even the use of a diaphragm pump, which often gets clogged by waste.

The unit, which is available either truck, or Skid Mounted, consists of stainless steel pumps and de-germ “Fill & Stop” system, and could reduce your lavatory service time by approximately 50%. It could also eliminate clogging in the aircraft that would cause delays or ground your airplane.

The ACCESSAIR vacuum lavatory system can be operated in manual or automatic mode whereby the operator will pre-select the quantity of water or de-germ to the rinse and charge system. The system will automatically pause between each step for operator to confirm and acknowledge that the step is completed (for the rinse, waste vacuum and recharge).

A “fully automated” (same write-up to link to (E) in general lavatory system) system is also available which calculations the requirements by simply selecting the type of aircraft being serviced.

Advantages of ACCESSAIR Vacuum Lavatory System
  • Cost-effective vacuum system with high efficiencies (up to 29.5” Hg)
  • ACCESSAIR’s Vacuum Lavatory is the only system that uses the principle of an Eductor (a piece of pipe with no moving parts) to create vacuum in the waste tank instead of a conventional vacuum pump. This ensures long life & low maintenance costs
  • This system was developed with the collaboration of INOX-TECH, which is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of customized stainless steel equipment, tanks and pressure vessels, high performance bioreactors, and process and fermentation systems.
  • ACCESSAIR tanks are fabricated with ¼” thick stainless steel with rounded corners and built to 15 psi and full vacuum rating for full protection against collapse.
  • Our vacuum system is of a one- (1) step system which maintains a constant and stable vacuum pressure. Once you select the quantity of de-germ for rinse, you press the start button and the unit will vacuum and then send de-germ to the aircraft lavatory unit.
  • The fact that the pump has no contact with waste materials, eliminates clogging as found in typical diaphragm vacuum pumps
  • Waste passes through a hose only, and not through a pump
  • System eliminates waste tank odors by filtering waste gases (air) through the water tank
  • Low noise levels
  • Intrinsically safe operation
  • Tanks constructed of stainless steel with rounded sanitary corners for better cleaning and structural strength
  • Sight gauge
  • 20 inch (508mm) manhole
  • Internal baffles in both directions
  • Vented tanks, mounted on floating type suspension
Waste Tank
  • Capacity from 150 to 800 USG (570 - 3000 ltr.)
  • 4 inch (10cm) ball type dump valve
  • Closed dump optional
Flush Tank
  • Capacity from 50 - 400 USG (190 - 1500 ltr.)
  • 2 inch (51mm) outlet service shut-off valve.
  • 1.25 inch (32mm) drain valve.
  • 2 inch (51mm) top fill caps.
Electric Systems
  • 12V DC Electrical system
  • Waterproofed electrical buttons, switches, etc.
  • Colour coded electrical wiring.
  • Hydraulic pump switch in cab.
  • Amber flashing beacon switch in cab.
  • Emergency stop push-button in cab.
  • Amber flashing beacon.
  • Emergency stop, red mushroom push-button.
  • Low level sensor in Flush Tank to protect from running dry.
  • Flexible and non- collapsible hose material with standard aircraft couplings in accordance with ISO R47.
  • 4 inch (10cm) I.D. translucent waste hose with 4 inch (10cm) standard plastic straight aircraft coupling.
  • 1 inch (2.54cm) I.D. transparent rein forced PVC flush hose with 1 inch (2.54cm) standard aluminium straight aircraft coupling.
  • Resetable flow meter.
  • Hose reel optional.
Hydraulic System and Pumps
  • Main hydraulic engine driven pump.
  • Oil level and oil temperature gauges.
  • Electro-activated hydraulic solenoids.
  • Service shut off valves and gauges.
  • Hydraulic motor driven flush pump.
Optional Features
  • Hydraulic platform.
  • Digital flow meter.
  • Hose reel.
  • Flush Rinse System.
  • Winterization package with electric, gas or diesel heaters, insulation winterization shroud.
  • Automated waste tank spray ball device.