Specialty Items - Wheelchair Lift
Following all ADA and OSHE regulations, this convenient electric-drive system enables the en-planeing and de-planeing of the wheel chair passenger (who is seated in the wheelchair) without having to use other vehicles or extra personnel. Wheelchair lift platform goes up and down the stairs, operated by remote control and / or a stationary control station on the top platform to stop/ start at any elevation, complete with an automatic stop at the top platform and at ramp level.

The passenger is able to enter or exit the lift platform from either the ground level or platform. The platform is foldable and compact to take less room inside the stairs.

Solar panels with battery & back-up inverters to provide additional charge current to the batteries while the airstairs are not in use. Both a battery charger and the solar panel can be operated at the same time.

Generators for back-up to operate wheelchair lifts and lifting system

Generator kit to operate hydraulic raising /lowering cylinders on non-motorized airstairs