Skid-Mounted Vacuum Systems
The same fabrication norms and efficiency of our truck mounted vacuum lavatory units, designed for smaller applications
A re-circulating centrifugal water pump, driven by hydraulic motor, powers an eductor that will siphon the air in large volume from the waste tank to provide an efficient and reliable vacuum system.

This system eliminates the use of a vacuum pump, thereby avoiding frequent and costly maintenance to system and minimizing spare parts, or even the use of a diaphragm pump, which often gets clogged by waste.

The unit, which is available either truck, or Skid Mounted, consists of stainless steel pumps and de-germ “Fill & Stop” system, and could reduce your lavatory service time by approximately 50%. It could also eliminate clogging in the aircraft that would cause delays or ground your airplane.

The ACCESSAIR vacuum lavatory system can be operated in manual or automatic mode whereby the operator will pre-select the quantity of water or de-germ to the rinse and charge system. The system will automatically pause between each step for operator to confirm and acknowledge that the step is completed (for the rinse, waste vacuum and recharge).

A “fully automated” (same write-up to link to (E) in general lavatory system) system is also available which calculations the requirements by simply selecting the type of aircraft being serviced.

Features and Advantages of ACCESSAIR Skid-Mounted Vacuum System
  • Vacuum system assists operator in dealing with aircraft lavatory blockage.
  • System prevents spillage and resultant dangers of personnel contamination and costly ramp clean-up.
  • This unit can be installed on the back of an existing pick-up truck, thereby enabling your company to maximize use of your vehicles.
  • The advantage of a truck-mounted skid is that not using a cart eliminates tying up a vehicle to pull the cart. It also allows for greater efficiency and flexibility in personnel utilization because not everyone is able to drive a trailer.
  • Mounting the unit in the back of a pick-up or other vehicle eliminates necessity of backing up with a trailer, thereby avoiding the possibility of mishandling it and causing damage to the plane or other vehicles.
  • By using a vacuum system, you can drastically reduce lavatory service time. (Customers have reportedly serviced an average of 35 planes per day with our unit).
  • The Automatic flush and rinse cycle will result in a savings on de-germ use since it will be controlled by a counter instead of an operator.
  • ACCESSAIR Systems estimates that the proper use of this new design could allow you to replace 2 to 3 carts.
  • With the winter package, there is no need for plugging in the unit at night in order to eliminate freeze-up.
If motorized chassis are not available, ACCESSAIR’s Moody products division can customize a trailer or cart to meet your requirements for this smaller VACUUM unit.