APS Passenger Airstairs - Single & Dual Canopy Options
Offering the widest range of optional and specialty features in the industry.
Dual Canopy System for full comfort and security from aircraft door into the airport bus.
Polycarbonate cover with Single Canopy for coverage of aircraft door, top platform and stairs.
Wheelchair lift can be incorporated into the Airstair structure.
Description of Chassis
  • Ford F-550 (or equivalent) is required for the installation of cover/dual canopy assembly
  • Ford F-450 (or equivalent) with 16,500 lb. GVW is suitable for the installation of cover/single canopy assembly
  • Isuzu NPRHD
  • AccessAir chassis

Diesel or gasoline engines, automatic transmission and left-hand drive.

Standard Dimensions
Overall size may vary according to chassis and options chosen

Stair width: 60 (1520 mm)
Upper Platform Size: Width 100 (2540 mm) x Depth 115 (2920 cm)

Design Standards
Manufactured to North American and International Codes:
 - SAE standards for Airstairs
 - I.A.T.A. standards for Passenger Boarding Stairs
No. AHM 910, 913 and 915 as well as A.S.M.E and UL
  • Upper and lower stairs fabricated with structural and tubular steel frame
  • Single layer galvanized side panels to prevent rusting
  • Top platform width & depth allows for opening door of aircraft without sliding the gate back
  • Risers and top platform manufactured with checker aluminum anti-skid plates
  • Handrails fabricated using polished stainless steel
  • Rubber bumpers on platform forward edge and on sliding door edge
Electric Systems
  • (8) Flood lights to illuminate front, side and back of vehicle, as well as upper platform
  • Fully-illuminated steps - (one light on each step)
  • Control panel in cab, optional control panel on top platform
  • Warning lights in cab
  • 12 volt power
  • Standard chassis gauges and indicators
Hydraulic System
  • Mechanically-driven hydraulic pump
  • Manual emergency pump
  • Electrically operated directional control valves, c/w incorporated pressure relief
  • Manifold mounted monoblocks
  • Two (2) front stabilizers
  • Two (2) side stabilizers
  • Two (2) rear stabilizers
  • One (1) hydrauic lift piston
  • One (1) extension hydraulic piston
Optional Features
  • Docking aids:
    Microswitch whip sensor, quick-docking telescoping platform with swivel, upper platform controls, video monitoring system
  • Covers & canopies:
    Polycarbonate passenger cover, air-driven single or dual canopy systems to cover door of aircraft and/or airport bus
  • Wheelchair lift incorporated into the stair structure
  • Fire & Rescue features are available on our APS60FR model
  • Non-motorized stairs: Fixed, parallelogram and tilt are available in a wide
    range of models & heights.