Plane-Mate (Passenger Transfer Vehicles)
ACCESSAIR's Plane-Mate are available with optional HIGH SECURITY metal detectors, explosive scanners, cameras and face recognition systems which provide increased airport security.
High Tech Security on the Move
PLANE-MATE Passenger Transfer Vehicles offer an extra screening opportunity, and allow for the segregation of in-coming high- risk passengers directly to a controlled area

PLANE-MATE vehicles allow for the safe transport of VIPís and other dignitaries to and from aircraft doorsill and plane-to-plane transfers.

PLANE-MATEs are easily deployed to any door, gate or remote area of the ramp to handle emergency situations, or passenger evacuation at a safe distance from the airport.
Built to go where the action is, the newly re-engineered PLANE-MATE passenger shuttle from ACCESSAIR Systems Inc. Streamlines airport passenger transfer to remote parking positions with its unique "Technology on the Move".

The remarkable new PLANE-MATE offers the flexible and reliable cost-cutting solution to passenger transfer operations which can help your airport to meet the increasing challenge of efficient passenger flow management.

  • Reduces parking congestion at the terminal
  • Reduces transfer and aircraft turnaround time
  • Lowers fuel cost and aircraft taxi time
  • Increases comfort and security for all passengers
  • Provides easy-on, easy-off wheelchair access
  • Reduces walking distances for elder or physically-challenged Passengers
Technology on the move
The total solution to keeping older Passenger Transfer Vehicles on the move
  • Repair and Refurbishing of your older model PTVs
  • On-site service by specialized technicians
  • Spare parts available for older models
  • Custom fabrication of obsolete or out-of-stock parts