APS60FR Fire and Rescue Vehicle
Built to handle High Risk Situations. On-board disturbances, bomb scares, medical emergencies, fires and other High Security Situations which may be best handled at a safe distance from the terminal.

Designed & built for the use of Airport Fire & Rescue personnel.

Background and Dedicated Role
ACCESSAIR's APS60FR Fire & Rescue Emergency Vehicle was designed with the collaboration with the FAA Safety Technology Section and several North American Airport Fire Departments to provide Fire & Rescue teams with:
  • A multipurpose, dedicated emergency response vehicle for emergency situations
  • Rapid access to/or evacuation from aircraft
  • Less risk and reduced time in getting equipment aboard aircraft when using the APS60FR than when using ladders
  • Maneuverability & flexibility to access the safest door when certain areas of the fuselage are off-limits
  • Easily moved to alternate exits when conditions change

Each unit is customized according to a selection of OPTIONS chosen by individual airports.

Features Included as Standard
  • Heavy duty chassis (Ford F550 or equivalent) with bucket seats, slip differential and PTO outlet, idle-up control, Heavy Duty Power Supply, all-terrain tires
  • Whip sensor
  • Quick-docking platform
  • Custom control console
  • Hydraulic controls on the top platform
  • Interlock system
  • Automatic transmission and left-hand drive.
  • Tilt Table Tested with the FAA
  • Storage compartments
  • Special lighting
  • Sirens
  • Communications
  • Imaging options.
High Pressure Foam Production System
Expanding to a given volume depending on the need, with a high energy discharge up to 75 ft. (1) 120 gallon water/foam tank, with (2) 300 or 400 cubic ft. high pressure air cylinders.

Additional option of a 400 lb. dry chemical which effectively controls and extinguishes pressurized or three-dimensional class-B @ liquid fires.

  • Water Hose system
  • Twin agent CAFS/DC bumper turret
  • Under vehicle foam
  • Ventilation fan
  • Flir Ball infrared thermal imaging system and video systems
  • Public safety radio/microphones, siren control unit
  • Communication radio interference/with transceiver
  • Generator, Battery charger
  • GPS vehicle tracking unit
Smoke and Fire
Optional foam, Purple K, water or bumper turret systems, equipped with dual agents and a positive pressure ventilation fan, can be used to offer additional assistance in the case of aircraft electrical, engine or apron fires.
Medical Emergencies
Rapid access to aircraft in order to administer critical care when no gates are available to handle aircraft during emergency situations. The unit can be equipped with specially designed storage compartments to store optional EMS equipment.