Access Air Disabled Passenger Lifts (DPL) / Ambulifts
ACCESSAIR’s Ambulifts/DPLs have the capability of servicing planes with door sills from 60" (1524 mm) to 236" (6000 mm) with a scissor lift raising and lowering van section.

Unit is complete with a front platform with an independent lift and lowering system. Back section platform lift allows for ground level access.

  • Wheel chair restraining system adaptable to all wheelchair wheels, with locking mechanism lever operated by hand or foot.
  • Configured for placement of six (6) wheelchairs, (4) wheelchairs & one stretcher or (2) wheelchairs with (2) stretchers
  • (2) folding seats for attendants
  • Air conditioning unit in passenger van (provides heating in cold weather)
  • 10 lb. fire extinguisher
  • Tow hooks on front of vehicle
Safety Features
  • Four (4) hydraulically operated stabilizers
  • Stabilizer interlock system that prevents movement during operation
  • Safety velocity control valves that allow van to be lowered more slowly in case of loss of pressure
  • Manual bypass valve to lower van in case of power failure
  • Manual hydraulic pump to raise stabilizers and return to retracted position
  • Safety interlock prevents the stabilizers from retracting when the passenger compartment is not fully lowered
  • Safety interlock preventing engine from starting when running
  • Safety rotating amber beacon light
  • Warning devices, indicators and reflectors as per standards
  • Emergency stop button on the passenger compartment control panel
Configuration Choices
  • Six (6) Wheelchairs
  • Four (4) Wheelchairs with one (1) Stretcher
  • Two (2) Wheelchairs with two (2) Stretchers
Passenger Compartment Dimensions (Aprox.)
  • Length: 18’ (5486 mm) interior
  • Width: 96” (2440 mm) exterior
  • Height: 84” (2135 mm) interior
  • Internal Volume: 966 ft3 (27.5 m3)
Passenger Compartment Controls
  • Raise/lower button
  • Switch for van interior lights
  • Emergency kill switch
  • Telescopic platform extend/retract button
  • Air Conditioning unit controls
  • Communication with cab operator
Structural Design
Frame: Constructed of channels on length and I-beams on width.
Roof: Fused and sealed, arched aluminum beams, provide high structural integrity and complete weather proofing
Floor: Finished with anti-slip black vinyl floor covering
Walls: Sidewalls will be aluminum exterior with reinforced studs Interior walls will be finished with PVC covering for easy cleaning and a section at the bottom will be covered with an anti-skid aluminum to protect it from damage by wheelchairs
Windows: Two (2) vertical sliding doors vertically (one front/one rear)
Front / Rear Doors: Two (2) either sliding or garage door type
Interior Finish: Loan Plastic finishes on the sides, front, rear, and roof for easy cleaning, (excluding doors).
Exterior Lights: Lights and reflectors will be installed according to standards
Interior Lights: Van body will be fully illuminated and include two switches, one at each end of the passenger compartment.
Lift Systems and Stabilizers
Scissor Lift - Raise Lower Van
  • Twin Cylinders for Scissors
  • Raise Capacity of 10,000lbs (4,545kg)

Four Stabilizers with outward lateral and vertical movement:

  • Located two at the rear and two behind the driver’s cab
  • Designed to assist in wind resistance at 90 MPH (145 km/hr)
  • Position indicator when stabs are fully extended and fully retracted
Front and Rear Lift Platforms

Front Lift Platform

Rear Lift  Platform
Description Quick-docking telescopic Lowers from passenger compartment floor level to  ground level

All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Length 54” ( 1372 mm) 48” + 6” ramp  (1220 mm + 15cm ramp)
Width/depth 2,000 lbs (910 kg) 1,600 lbs. (727 kg)
Working Load    

Anti-skid aluminum checker plate

Railings Sliding on sides with pad protection at each end.  Hinged section for personnel, complete with a heavy-duty latch bar.

Safety railings on each side of platform

Toe deflector (tapered rear edge of ramp) for ease in wheelchair loading
  • Optional Transition Canopy for front platform with an extending/retracting front section.
  • Constructed of polycarbonate material over an aluminum support frame.
  • Choice of manual or electric operation.